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How to buy, and payment methods
Buying on Cojeda is quick and secure. Simply put the products into your shopping basket and go to the checkout. If you are already registered, you need to log in to activate your account, otherwise you will have to register.
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Set up your Cojeda Account to order purchases, gifts and much more! It also offers you access to a range of services and promotions.
About us
Cojeda was established in 2000 in response to the concrete need to supply health professionals with correct and indispensable products to help them to treat their patients
Want to send a gift?
What could be nicer than sharing Cojeda's wellness products with your loved ones or business partners? Find out how easy it is to send your order to several addresses.
Warranty on Cojeda products
All products sold are covered by the producer's guarantee, included in the package.
General Terms of Sale
The offer and sale of products on our website are regulated by the following General Terms of Sale
Security and Purchase Guarantee
Cojeda guarantees the replacement of broken or damaged packages, the right to return purchases, and the security of data transmitted during credit card transactions.
Shipping methods, costs, times, and tracking your order

Customs, Taxes and Invoicing
Cojeda's prices are inclusive of taxes. Shipping costs include import taxes and duties. The final total price will not be increased in any circumstances.
Privacy Policy
You have the full right to the confidentiality of your personal details, guaranteed by Italian law and upheld by Cojeda. Read the Privacy Policy we apply on the site.
Cookie policy
The "Site" ( uses cookies to make our services simple and efficient for users who navigate pages
Legal Information
Before registering and proceeding to purchase products by transmitting the order form, we kindly ask you to read carefully through our General Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy and Legal Information.

Last updated on
03 August 2018

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