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Eddy Pellissier, administrator, has been a chiropractor since 1983. He was president of the Italian Chiropractors' Association for over eight years, and has gained over twenty years' experience both at a clinical level and with athletes of all levels, thus providing our company with considerable and qualified technical knowledge for the design of our wellness line, especially for the ergonomic cushions.    
Coralie Pellissier, has decided to follow in her father's footsteps into the field of chiropractic and graduated in 2008, thus bringing further specialised help and a different point of view in creating new and increasingly technical products suitable for the needs of our patients.
Coralie is a sport-lover, and showed success at high levels (Italian national snowboard team) before deciding to enrol at University, proving herself to succeed in all that she undertakes: a black belt in karate, a lifeguard diploma, and high-school matriculation specialising in languages. Strengthened by the help from her sisters and mum and dad's experience, Coralie is confident that she will also succeed in this new undertaking.
Louise La Rue offers the benefit of her years of contact with patients as a chiropractic assistant, and know their exact needs. Also, following their progress throughout the course of their treatment, she has been able to observe first hand the benefits provided by Cuscinolo products. With her university education in economics, she also handles the financial side of the company.
Coralie's sister, Jenissa Pellissier, is also a snowboarder, and continuously tests the products designed for athletes, providing us with excellent advice and adjustments to be carried out in order to continuously and effectively improve our products, thus offering our clients a service to match the highest performance demands.
Presently she is enrolled in the second year of the Anglo European Chiropractic College in england.
Cojeda is growing constantly, driven by the desire to offer an ever bigger and better assortment of products. The effort to serve our clients better and better is one of the constant factors that unite us in our work.
What does the name Cojeda mean?
Quite simply, the strong union of three sisters (Co = Coralie, Je = Jennissa, Da = Daphné) who are determined to create a company that can help people to improve their lifestyle and reduce the suffering that they have always put up with.

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03 August 2018

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