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Recommended for circulation problems, lymphatic drainage and circulation, varicose veins, saphenectomy, swollen legs, tired legs, water retention, pre- and post-natal symptoms, phlebitis, cramping of the calves, excess weight.


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Price: 120.00 €
The CUSCINOLO leg-raising cushion is designed to support tired legs naturally. Reduces fatigue and also relieves lower back problems. Perfect for people with poor circulation, since its ergonomic design allows fluids to drain rapidly, giving welcome relief from pain and swelling. Helpful in cases of varicose veins, phlebitis, cramps in the calves, excess weight and stagnation, and indispensable during pregnancy to avoid circulation problems

Ideal for the afternoon nap or before bedtime to relax the legs.

The leg raiser allows to reduce the lumbar lordosis while lying down supine and eliminates the stress and tension caused by the psoas muscles: no more pulling forward on the spine and a sensation, both for patients and normal people of incredible relax...

On top of this, the leg raiser, thanks to the fact that keeps the leg in the near neutral position, allows a perfect circulation of the blood in the legs and, with only few minutes of lying down, you will be able to acheive more than with others sistems. When used in treating patient, will eliminate pratically all the tension on the neck area allowing for better adjustements and more relax enad confortable patients.

The leg raiser is perfect for expecting women, perfect to relax the sciatic pain of maternity, ideal for those persons that have to work on their feet for long period of time.

Thank to the Leg Raiser all the fluids can drain from the legs ad be reabsorbed from the intestinal lymph nodes.


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03 August 2018

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