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Dynaso (DYNASO)

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The Dynaso Balance Trainer is specially designed to integrate balance, cardio fitness, sport performance, strength training and rehabilitation. This dynamic training device improves the body's overall stretch, activities, sports condition.

Price: 85.00 €
This dynamic training devise improve body's overall stretch, activities, sport condition, it help you for core training, body workout. 

A rigid non-slip base with an inflatable dome to be used both sides, and extra resistance is included using the stretch tubing attachments

·         Inflates up to 21cm high
·         Max weight 13,5kg
·         + Free Tubing


Lie, Stand, Squat, Kneel, Swim or Sit

The Balance Trainer helps for core training body workout by the need to stay aligned with contraction trough constant shifting. Ideal for Personal trainers, use this tool for increased abdominal muscle recruitment / balance or unstable training and other exercises you would do on an exercise ball.

Dynaso Balance Trainer is ideal for Physiotherapists, use it for neuromuscular training / core conditioning alternatively turn it upside down and use it as a wobble board. Adjust difficulty quickly by altering the amount of air inside.

The Dynaso Balance Trainer has a non-slip base and comes with 2 holders for resistance bands built into the base, as well as two bands with handles, thus providing a platform for a functional total body workout.


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03 August 2018

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